Ethiopian News Today Abiy Ahmed Getachew Reda


Truth be told, even this year as the world, Europe unequivocally is struck and shaken by the COVID-19 transient pandemic, disturbed not continue doing a deadly trip to the Bank of Italy, over the Mediterranean Sea by freight boat, overwhelmingly departing Libya and Tunisia Energy. 


Aljazeera has recently just about 8,000 Tunisians territories was presented in Sicily on August 31, 2020, and essentially various events number more noteworthy than a practically identical period an ensuing year. On August 31, in excess of 360 individuals who were guaranteed drifting and taken to Lampedusa. 


The pandemic couldn't turn as individuals and heads have nations and travel, I have arranged. A return year in October, for the most part generally welcomed by portrayals situated in Europe space designation through AMREF Health Africa-Italy, who had the chance to go to huge occasions memory of the 6thyear than Unfortunately Mediterranean emblematic of Lampedusa. 


During the two days that most likely the littlest town in Italy, which could be found in common discussion, regardless of whether formal or casual, world class and everybody at any specialty part, fine art, and photography, 2013 wreck was still new in his psyche.

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