TPLF will not solve Tigray's problem - Getachew Redda


The political shared trust is the key establishment of our strategic ties," Tan certified, including that the two nations have kept up successive significant level trades, between governments, administering parties, think tanks, social and social gatherings just as the two people groups. 


Tan additionally focused on that Chinese organizations have proceeded to enthusiastically partake in Ethiopia's foundation ventures, making a huge number of occupations for nearby individuals and positively advancing the nation's monetary and social turn of events. 


With respect to's China-helped Addis Ababa Riverside Green Development Project, named Beautifying Sheger Project, Tan focused on that the principal stage has been finished. 


"It's an extensive current task with the travel industry, unwinding functionalities. It is intended to address the issues of the individuals, reflecting Ethiopian development, social assorted variety, and solidarity. I do trust it will be another sign of Ethiopia and will advance the administration economy, making occupations and producing incomes," Tan told columnists.

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