What happened on Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia?


The World Bank Group's Board of Executive Directors on Wednesday affirmed a $400 million award from the International Development Association to Ethiopia. 


The award will uphold Ethiopia's endeavors to improve the livelihoods of the metropolitan poor and advance the consideration of impeded metropolitan youth in the work market under the metropolitan beneficial security nets and occupations venture (UPSNJP), the bank said in a delivery. 


"Destitution and restricted admittance to financial open doors stay genuine difficulties in Ethiopia's metropolitan regions, and the current pandemic actuated monetary stoppage has additionally exacerbated the circumstance. 


"Expanding on the achievements of the World Bank-financed Urban Productive Safety Net Project, the UPSNJP will give social assurance just as occupations related administrations to 816,000 recipients in around 83 urban areas the nation over," said Ousmane Dione, World Bank Country Director for Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

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