September 30, The scene from the march to the strike


The scene from the march to the strike. People are in a state of confusion mostly, they are unsure of what to do and where to start again. I am hoping this would be a good place since we don't expect more than 80 people or so.” says Alexander.


The resumption of activities that were thus far restricted may give some people the impression that the threat of the pandemic is no more. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. With over a thousand two hundred people dead and over 80,000 people infected, the spread of the virus has not slightly abated. 


It has been a while now since the number of people that test positive out of the total number of tests has roughly gone up to 10 percent and more. According to the latest report by the Ministry of health, 902 people tested positive out of 6,668 tests on the October 8, 2020 report. That is a 13.5 percent infection rate out of the total tests and it depicts the alarming rate of the pandemic’s spread. 


As predicted, September and October may be peak months for the pandemic. However, there are many people walking down the street, eating comfortably in restaurants and working in crowded offices who feel safe.

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