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The action Justified Accord 2019, a bearing headquarter and association level field planning exercise, was kept as far down as 16 days. 


More than 1,000, military and government personnel from Brazil, Burundi, Canada, Djibouti, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda, and the UK participated in the action. 


In his end remark, Deputy Commanding General of US Army Africa and Southern European Task Force, BrigGen Lapthe Flora said the planning will fortify the obligation of AMISOM to deal with dread based abuse in Somalia. 


The planning causes not solely to improve the status of the peacekeepers to fight dread based abuse under the umbrella of AMISOM yet also to fulfill peacekeeping missions of AU and UN, he notwithstanding. 


According to him, the arrangement has made a decent space for structure capable association among the students since they drove the planning as a brought together individual through beating language limits and social grouped assortment, which is the center of cooperation. 


Brigadier General Flora requested that the students apply the data they got in the arrangement and reproduce them into the operational techniques in AMISOM and empower the exit of AMISOM from Somalia. 


Ethiopian Peace Support Training Center Head, Brigadier General Habtamu Tilahu said on his part the arrangement would crush the current puzzling security issue. 


The readiness that the part had will have a critical activity in improving the amicability technique in Somalia, he notwithstanding. 


Ethiopia has a long-standing guarantee to peacekeeping crucial it has been having its impact on keeping up concordance and security in East Africa and past. 


Ethiopia initially encouraged Justified Accord in 2017, as showed by ENA.

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