Abiy Ahmed And The Ethiopian Military


The President of the Government on the occasion offered their gratitude to individuals who have included the improvement of the entertainment community, which is significant for the Sheger beautification venture. Communicating that support is fundamental to change Ethiopia, moved toward examiners to help the "Eat to the Nation" also as they did during supper 5 million birrs made out of dynamic posture for Sheger Project way. 


"Unconsciousness Nation 'is an advantage arrangement program that intends to raise 3 billion birrs for the progression expands Gorgora, Koysha, and Wonchi in Amhara, SNNP, Oromia states, and neighborhood. 


The diversion community, which is furnished with different workplaces, including approaches sports, eateries, bistros, horseback riding, bicycle ride, and soccer fields, has made openings for work for certain people. A model has been brought up in the entertainment community to regard medical services laborers battling the pandemic.

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