Dr Abiy Ahmed's Speech on PP Meeting


Indeed, even this year as the world, Europe explicitly is struck and shaken by COVID-19 pandemic transient, unhinged not keep on making a lethal excursion to the bank of Italy, over the Mediterranean Sea by barges, leaving overwhelmingly Libya and Tunisia energetically. 


Aljazeera has lately areas almost 8,000 Tunisians was introduced in Sicily until August 31, 2020, and practically numerous number occasions bigger than a comparable period a year back. On August 31, more than 360 people, they were ensured floating and taken to Lampedusa. 


The pandemic couldn't twist as people and administrators have countries and travel, have foreseen. A year back in October, generally welcomed by Europe-based portrayals of fringes' assignment through AMREF Health Africa-Italy, I got the chance to go to events signifying remembrance of the 6thyear of the symbolic Unfortunately Mediterranean Lampedusa. 


During the two days most likely the littlest town in Italy, which could be found in ordinary conversation, regardless of whether formal or casual, of the elites and everybody wherever in handiworks, work of art, and photography, the 2013 wreck was still new in his mind.

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