Actress Edelework Tassew's birthday


Actress Edelework Tassew on her role on wedefit Ethiopian movie won The 9th Leza Listeners’ Choice Award on Best Actress.



Leza Awards, an annual glamorous red carpet event produced by 102.1 Sheger FM Leza Radio Show, honored best musical and film up comers of the year on Tuesday at the Hilton Addis hotel. One of two awards in the Ethiopian entertainment industry, Leza takes the approach of the people’s choice awards by gathering votes from listeners and fans on the Leza website. This year was the 8th installment of the awards.



The first round of votes completed in September had selected the top nominees in the Best Movie, Best Actor and Actress of the year, Best TV Series, Best New Musical Artist, Best Music Album and Best Music Video of the year. Fans continued to vote in the second, and final, round of the competition, finally leading to the awardees of the evening.



The evening started early enough with people in the entertainment industry glamorously trickled into the hotel and gracefully walked across the red carpet. Cameras flashed as fans rushed to take selfies with their favorite artists.

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