Lemma Megersa and Dr Abiy Ahmed


The Eleventh Congress of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) initiated today in the city of Hawassa, under the subject "National Unity for All Rounded Prosperity." 


In his presentation, Chairperson of EPRDF and Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, said the Congress will focus on taking care of joblessness and issues of a good organization similarly as keeping an eye on other money-related issues. 


It will moreover consider ensuring the standard of law, he notwithstanding. 


The Premier moreover said that the eleventh Congress is chronicled as it comes when "we are into a course of progress." 


The EPRDF will continue driving the country by being an engine of progress and watching out for challenges ahead comparably as it did previously, he notwithstanding. 


The Prime Minister furthermore said that EPRDF will attempt to help the change by consolidating young pioneers with the cultivated ones.

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