Aba Bila Gemeda by Temesgen Desalegn


Originator and CEO of Tadash Steel Manufacturing Industry, Kibiryessefa Tekle, revealed to The Reporter that considering the difficulties in the neighborhood steel market and development industry he chose to collaborate with his three companions to assemble a cutting edge steel industrial facility plant in Dukem. 


A town situated on the edges of Addis Ababa. Development initiated in 2016 and as of now, 98 percent of the work is finished. Kibiryessefa said the apparatus was bought from Europe, Dubai, and India and has been introduced. 


The cranes were bought from Austria, the steel structure from Dubai, and the foundries from a notable Indian organization. The steel plant that produces steel and wire poles has four foundries. The steel plant has the ability to makes 600 tons of steel for every day, one of the greatest in the current Ethiopian market. 


Kibiryessefa likewise said that during the development stage, somewhere in the range of 400 youth were utilized by the undertaking including that 800 positions will be made once the plant is going. Kibiryessefa said the apparatus establishment work is finished.

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