Interview with Teacher Meskerem Abera on current affairs


The industrial facility has likewise assembled a three-story expanding on 1000 sq. m of land that fills in as an office and visitor house. The steel plant needs 20 MW of energy. Tadash Steel Manufacturing Plc has burned through 40 million birrs to construct 11 km power transmission lines that bring power from a substation close to Bishoftu town. 


Kibiryessefa, who went through over 20 years in the salvaged materials exchange, said that he chose to wander into the steel fabricating plant after he saw all the difficulties in the nearby steel and development businesses. "There is consistently deficiency of steel in the neighborhood market. 


Steel is a costly key product that is basic in the nearby development industry. The nation burns through great many dollars on steel import," Kibiryessefa said. As per him, he and his companions confronted various difficulties in building the steel producing plant. "Making sure about a bank credit is the greatest test. 


At the point when you import steel the banks would furnish you with credits. However, when you choose to construct a steel industrial facility the banks are hesitant to fund such a significant industry. On the off chance that I needed to bring in cash I would have imported and sell steel.

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