A Mother Asked Dr. Abiy A Question


Dr. Seleshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy today revealed quarterly journalists' presentation of their administration regions admission to safe water and sterilization, water, and energy framework. 


The introduction of the organization extended by 2.5% to 76.35% of the chief quarter owing to endeavors to reinforce the dam to start delivering energy with two turbines of this financial Ethiopian year (2020/21), he said. 


As per the course of action, the two turbines will start to make the intensity of this activity, the Minister said. Dr. Seleshi additionally said that it is normal that the progressing political race by the Civil Aviation Authority of Ethiopia by restricting all movement over the dam to avoid wellbeing dangers. 


In his guidelines, the Minister depicts the accomplishments of quarterly petitioning for admission to drinking water and sterilization just as force and strengthening, as per EBC.

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