The Fly That Landed ON Mike Pence


President Trump's treatment of the nation was the glaring issue at hand during Wednesday's bad habit official discussion, however, it was a fly, taking a short break from flying, that couldn't be overlooked by watchers viewing the occasion from home. 


VP Mike Pence, his hair consummately coiffed, never responded to the fly's appearance on the correct side of his head. It contrasted his brilliant white hair, stopping generally yet moving around somewhat previously, well, taking off. 


A neighborhood TV journalist from California timed the fly's screen time on Mr. Pence's head at 2 minutes, 3 seconds. 


While Mr. Pence burned through the vast majority of the hour and a half discussion dodging direct inquiries presented by the arbitrator, Susan Page of USA Today, the fly raised a huge number of inquiries of its own. 


Who will play the fly on "Saturday Night Live"? (Pete Davidson appears to be a decent decision.) Is the fly at risk to get the Covid that has tainted so many top Trump organization authorities? Was the fly breaking banter conventions by not wearing a cover? 


Via online media, the fly turned into the greatest star of what seemed to be "an ordinary discussion," as CNN's Jake Tapper put it.

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