Interview with artist Alemseged Tesfaye


The armada that is worked by ESLSE has 11 boats with an absolute stacking limit of 400,000 tons of freight. Two of the boats are fuel big haulers. Robe revealed to The Reporter that the undertaking is getting ready to coast a global delicate and welcome organizations with repeatable shipbuilding experience to offer for the venture. 


"The boats will be implicit East Asia, most presumably in China, Korea or Indonesia," Roba said. The boats will be worked in the 2020-2021 spending year. Each boat will have 60,000 tons of mass freight stacking limit. Roba declined to reveal the expense of the two boats saying that it would influence the offering cycle. 


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise moved and dealt with 11 million tons of payload in the 2019-2020 Budget Year, which finished in June. Out of the aggregate, somewhere in the range of 7 million tons were shipped by ships. 


The venture that serves 330 ports leases ships with opening sanction arrangements from different transporters. The organization transports 60% of Ethiopia's imports, each year. The venture created about 25.8 billion birrs and earned a benefit of 2.5 billion birrs. The endeavor's capital stands at 20 billion birrs and plans to raise it to 80 billion birrs.

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