What Really Happened At Dire Dawa


The Ethiopian Defense Force is by all accounts progressively hauled into law authorization business instead of issues of national Defense. 


As the security circumstance in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia's contracted city in the South East of the nation, intensifies, the Eastern Command Post of the Ethiopian Defense Force gave an admonition tonight requiring a conclusion to viciousness in the city or else the individuals who are engaged with it will confront what the eastern direction post believes is a "suitable" measure. 


Dissent and savagery in the city have been continuing for around five days now. Thus far one kid is affirmed dead and 10 others have supported non-dangerous injuries. The Defense Force will in general consider the to be in the city as a danger to arrange in the nation. 


Restored brutality began to unfurl in the city on January 19, 2019, when a gathering of youth tosses rocks to assault supporters of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church who were coming back from the parade service of Ark of the Covenant at Egziabherab church during the event of Timkat (Epiphany). 


At that point sorted out youth bunches took to the road the next day to organize a show against the city on grounds of "awful administration in the city organization and fuel lack, as announced by DW Amharic. 


Streets inside the city and those connecting the city to another city have been shut with large shakes subsequently frustrating versatility and business action. For instance, the street connecting Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa has been shut. 


The organization doesn't appear to connect the brutality to terrible administration. For Dire Dawa specialists, for instance Mayor of the city – Ibrahim Usman, those adolescent gatherings engaged with the viciousness are connected to previous Ethio-Somali organization (Heego) and those gatherings who don't need acknowledgment for the city.

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