Dr Tedros Adhanom's message to the world


Adanech further expressed that laying off representatives and end of agreements are additionally precluded. As per her, people under police detainment can't meet guests, with the exception of getting nourishments. 


Understudies and instructors are noted permitted to meet, spare on the web. Shaking hands in both grown-up games and sports exercises have likewise been illegal. 


Crosscountry transports, navigates and city transports can't convey travelers that surpass 50 percent of the seats, while the Addis Ababa light train is additionally permitted to move 25 percent of the travelers and the Ethio-Djibouti train 50 percent of its ability, the lawyer general clarified. 


Inns must give water and cleanser to their clients. An incorporated correspondence framework will be set up and dispersing bogus data just as data from obscure sources is prohibited.

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