The Peaceful Demonstration in Washington DC Today


Dr. Seleshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy today informed columnists on his service's quarterly exhibition in territories of admittance to safe water and disinfection, water system, and energy. 


The presentation of the undertaking expanded by 2.5% to 76.35% in the principal quarter attributable to endeavors made to empower the dam to begin producing power with two turbines this Ethiopian monetary year (2020/21), he said. 


According to the arrangement, the two turbines will start creating power this financial year, the Minister affirmed. Dr. Seleshi further expressed that the ongoing choice by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority forbidding all trips over the dam is expected to keep away from security dangers. 


In his instructions, the Minister portrayed the quarterly presentation accomplishments in admittance to safe water and disinfection just as power as empowering, as per EBC.

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