The attorney general final warning to authorities


The lawyer general last admonition to specialists. The convincing stories shared at the late evening get-together of the dedication initiation by Eritrean survivors, the dedicatory walk to the 'Entryway of Europe'; the journeying to the site where the wreck occurred, and the bloom setting function on the stretch of water were all deplorable and disturbing. 


These our siblings and sisters rested in different graveyards in Lampedusa as unidentified travelers as though they never had a nation of origin, families, and names. 


They were distinguished distinctly with a number as obscure people, with their graves anonymous. "I needed to give a name to these people, men, ladies, and kids that after their passing have been indifferent graveyards and recognized uniquely with a number, the aloofness of that night has made that daybreak never seeks them," Vito Fiorino, the planner of the sculpture, put a note close to the Memorial. 


I can't help thinking about what our chiefs might have felt had they been remaining there at the Memorial, with their eyes strolling through the names of the expired (names gathered later). I genuinely can't help thinking about how they might have responded had they been ready in one of the pontoons.

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