The Relationship of Dr. Abiy and Isayas


The United States of America and Ethiopia have denoted a notification of cognizance to exchange dread based oppressor screening information. 


Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Services, Director-General, Demelash Gebremichael denoted the MoU with Charles H. Kable, Assistant Director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Director of the United States Terrorist Screening Center. 


According to an open explanation gave by the US Embassy today, the understanding sets up techniques for access to and exchange of information in order to strengthen the limit of the two nations to guarantee against exhibits of mental fighting. 


It saw that the understanding shows the obligation of the two governments to invigorate a two-sided coordinated effort to envision and address dread based abuse and advance the security of the two countries. 


Administration of Health has moved today a non-transferable ailment prosperity correspondence manual and harm educational materials for patients and parental figures. 


Sicknesses Prevention and Control (NPC) Acting Director at the administration, Nebyou Negusu said the threatening development of informative materials would add to the expectation and control of non-transmittable ailments. 


He saw that the materials would intensify the impact of indirect change similarly to social change in the overall population on non-transmittable disorders, particularly malady. 


As showed by Nebyou, the assembly is trying to take care on non-transferable diseases in a joint exertion with regular society affiliations, NGOs and assistants. 


The book and materials will be scattered to all prosperity associations and assistants, it was discovered. 


American Cancer Society Global Capacity Development and Patient Support Managing Director, Kristie McComb uncovered to ENA that her affiliation is working with the administration to envision and control non-transferable ailments. 


"These materials that we have been making over the span of the latest couple of years in Ethiopia with our Ethiopian accomplices will be exceptional mechanical assemblies for human administration providers to have the alternative to uncover and talk with patients about their harmful development assurance," she communicated. 


Moreover, she saw that the associates are wanting to join various organizations that are noteworthy for patients or to work with existing assistants busy with this kind of work at any rate in the United States. 


"We have various assistants partake to help the Ethiopian government right now as the regular society division, most of the NGOs out there that are furthermore endeavoring to get things moving. We have to help them additionally," she explained.

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