Taye Bogale reveal what is happening to the people of Amhara


East Shoa Zone High Court has requested the arrival of a veteran lawmaker, Lidetu Ayalew on bail today. The court set a bail measuring 100,000 Birr for the arrival of the respondent who is accused of illicit ownership of a Firearms Administration and Control Proclamation. 


The Court requested the delivery in the wake of investigating the litigant's solicitation for abandon the case he was accused of breaking of Firearms Administration and Control Proclamation 1177/2012. The following preliminary has been dismissed for September 30, 2020, to see the instance of the litigant who is to show up under the watchful eye of the court on the date expressed. 


Considering, the preferences they can get, numerous Chinese organizations are thinking about migrating their business to Ethiopia, the representative uncovered. Then, he stressed the requirement for Ethiopia to keep up harmony and dependability and improve the simplicity of working together. 


"I have been sending a steady message to Chinese speculators to come to Africa, come to Ethiopia. This is the entryway for Africa and I do accept that to an ever-increasing extent (speculators) will go (to the nation)," he included.

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