Update about Eskinder Nega's case


Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) of China declared the dispatch of the Teaching of Amharic Language in a Degree Program. 


Strategic corps from Ethiopian Embassy in China has gone to the function composed by the University regarding the declaration of the dispatch of the program. 


On the event, it is expressed that the program is to be offered dependent on the Cooperative Agreement marked between Addis Ababa University and BFSU. The starting service has concurred with the presence of Representative of the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing, Samuel Fitsumberhan, and Vice President of BFSU Jia Wenjian. 


The FDRE House of Peoples Representatives has chosen with a lion's share vote and eight abstentions to hold the sixth general races in adherence to COVID-19 prudent steps dependent on the suggestions sent by the Ministry of Health. 


The choice came after the house evaluated the report from Women, Youth, Social Affairs and Legal, Justice, and Democratic Affairs Standing Committees submitted in regards to the proposals sent by the Ministry of Health to hold the decisions with the recognition of rules set up to secure the spread of the infection.

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