What is the formula calculation for the regions budget subsidy?


The nation is one of the main countries with significant traveler objections invested with gigantic characteristics, verifiable, and social legacy. A sum of 13 substantial and elusive of its legacies are engraved by UNESCO. 


Therefore, an enormous number of travelers visited the nation consistently. Around 900,000 travelers from various nations visited Ethiopia consistently. Also, in the Ethiopian spending year, it earned 3 billion USD from unfamiliar vacationers, it was found out. 


The nation expected to gather 3 billion US dollars from 1,000,000 unfamiliar travelers during the past spending year. 


Be that as it may, about two billion US Dollar was earned from 541,000 unfamiliar travelers in the expressed period as pandemic significantly affected the segment. 


Service of Culture and Tourism Communication Acting Director, Endegena Desalegn disclosed to ENA that because of the current pandemic Ethiopia lost one billion USD income.

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