Ethiopian celebrities and the age thing


At the point when Abebe turned into the chairman of a city that was turning into a center for booty products from abroad and traders from neighboring areas, he had gone to the position having experienced various positions. 


He put stock in the feeling of communism, which is one that regarded common liberties, he stated, however was shocked when that was not what it delivered to the lives of his neighbors. His position was assigned low maintenance; it paid him little yet took quite a bit of his time. He was too occupied to even think about starting his own family. 


He needed to burn through all he had – his energetic energy, instruction earned in Russia and Austria, and help change Dire Dawa to a liveable city for all where variety is praised, where youngsters would not have to go somewhere else to discover harmony, and where neighborly conjunction is the standard. That was not to be. 


"Numerous things were changing and numerous individuals were going to be sandwiched by conditions in a legislative issues that were not theirs really taking shape.

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